Over 100 metres reach lets CNC machine

Posted by Roberto Gonzalez May 8, 2012

A large and precise 5-axis CNC machine is available for cutting positive and negative molds for large turbine blades. The robot or gantry, called HSM-Modal, comes from EEW Maschinenbau in Germany. It can mill 1:1 scale negative and positive molds for rotor blades that are 50 m and more, and in one single piece. The X-axis the on machine can span 151 metres. The machine also trims blades, and soon, it will lay glass-fiber mates into negative molds.

The HSM-Modal can be equipped with various tools: milling, sawing, drilling, grinding, polishing, digitising, extruding, laminating, jet cutting, plasma cutting, ultra sonic cutting.

A few other features include:
- A feed rate of up to 150 m/min. This milling speed is faster than common large 5-axis machines.
- The axes are available in ranges of 3 to 151 m for the X, 3 to 9 m for the Y, and 1.75 to 4.25 m for the Z axis. Hence, a right-sized machine is available for the blades being considered.
- Accuracies are ± 0.2 mm in X and Y axes, and ± 0.17 mm/m in the Z.
- The machine’s light weight calls only a 200-mm thick reinforced concrete floor.
- Various CAD and CAM programs are compatible with the machine. Thus, new and more software is usually unnecessary. A post processor for the gantry can be supplied on request.
- Employee training can be carried out in a short period and at reasonable cost.

Technical information about machine HSN-Modal here

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